[Luxury seafood spree] seafood and stab you and serve with seafood course! All 7 dishes for two hours drinking 5200 yen with release (excluding tax) ♪
5200 yen

Tax excluded

Gorgeous banquet !! seafood and sashimi, chicken ♪ also at a party platter ※ dishes only courses are available at 4000 yen!


Pots & seafood course!

■ sashimi five Assorted

(Selection of sashimi five)

■ seafood salad

■ seafood grilled platter

(Ikawata iron small baked-daily seafood grilled, Shishamo grilled, etc.)

■ chicken party seven Assorted

■ Udonsuki

(Worked Kansai Kazenabe of broth)

■ pickles Assorted

■ deadline Ice

※ farewell welcome meeting reservation in accepting !!