[Hormone enhancement!] Satiety Jr. (Junior) course all 9 dishes for two hours drinking 3200 yen with release (excluding tax) ♪
3200 yen

Tax excluded

Hormone platter and Calvi, and vegetables are also plenty of ☆ very happy of course ♪ ※ dishes only course is available at 2000 yen (excluding tax) !!


Satiety Jr. (Junior) course!

■ Kimchi Assorted

(Kimchi, bean sprouts, Oikimuchi)

■ Jr. Salad

■ hormone party seven Assorted

■ Calvi Assorted

(Tomoro will Calvi · Jr. Calvi-Nakaochi Calvi)

■ grilled vegetables five Assorted

■ meatball

■ shrimp grilled with salt

■ <winter> Sundubu soup

<Summer> cold noodles

■ Ice

※ in accepting also reservation of farewell Mukaekai !!